Suns and Moons Within

Unlocking Inner Wisdom through Healing and Ceremony

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Unless otherwise noted, all classes and workshops will be held in my house in Bastrop, TX.

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Over tens of thousands of years, our ancient ancestors all over the world learned how to use their mind and spirit for healing and problem solving.

The system of methods they developed is known today as "shamanism" a term from a Siberian tribal word for its practitioners,"shaman," which means "one who sees in the dark."

Shamans or shamen are a type of medicine men and women who act as medium between the visible world and an invisible spirit world for purposes of healing, divination, and communing with nature.

The first and most fundamental technique toward the path of shamanism is the Shamanic Journey. This is the process of moving into an altered state of consciousness using the beat of a drum(s) to directly access spiritual assistance for information, guidance and healing on many levels for ourselves and others, as well as deepen our connection to Spirit.

I have taught the shamanic journey and extraction healing to small groups since 2008. Subsequently I graduated from Sandra Ingerman's Two-Year Teacher Training in Shamanic Journeying and Healing and Medicine for the Earth.

Classes in shamanism will be limited to 8 people. Pre registration is required. To learn the shamanic journey and for other classes in shamanism, please follow the shamanism link.