Suns and Moons Within

Unlocking Inner Wisdom through Healing and Ceremony


I offer and teach the following healing techniques:

– illumination of the energy body - a healing technique from the Inka that uses the Luminous Energy Field to burn out sludge within the chakras, and combust negative imprints from the physical and emotional body

– extraction healing – to remove localized blocks in your energy field, often connected to emotional and spiritual pain

– power animal retrieval – to increase your personal power, add vitality to your life and protection from harm and illness

– soul retrieval – to reclaim parts of yourself that have left due to fear, trauma or letting go of dreams

– space healing - to bless, cleanse and remove negativity from your home and land

– compassionate depossession - to help ghosts and spirits around you cross over or return to the realm of their origin with respect and compassion

-curse unraveling - to clear energetic chords, contracts, spells or negative thought forms, often multi-generational, originally created with either negative or unconscious strong intent, or from people in our lives often not aware of the power of their words

- healing of the ancestral lines - to free unresolved issues from your ancestors - the suffering, injustice and violence - that impacts your life and potentially the lives of your descendants.


Rates: I want to make my services as accessible as possible. Therefore, the rates I charge for my services are negotiable. The suggested rate is $60 per hour. Sessions normally last 90 minutes. I currently only offer Zoom sessions because of COVID. For questions and to schedule an appointment, please contact me by e-mail, text or phone. See contact information at the bottom of this page.

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