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Classes in Shamanism

Notice: Currently I am not holding classes in Texas because of COVID, except for Shamanic Circles, that I hold through Zoom. Below, are the classes and shamanic circles that I have held in the past. Please call, e-mail or text using the contact information found at bottom of page for further information

Shamanic Circles

Open to all who know the Shamanic Journey, these circles meet in my house on a regular on-going basis to strengthen our personal connection to the helping spirits, provide a supportive structure for our shamanic practice and form a community by journeying together. Our aim is to deepen our knowledge and practice of shamanism, by sharing our experiences with each other and through direct revelation from the spirits. We also journey for the healing of each other and the community and the land on which we live.

Bring a drum and rattle if you have them, a light blanket, an eye cover, notebook and pen. We meet once a month, usually on the first Monday of the month.

Meeting Time - 6:00pm (central) via Zoom- Free

Next circle will be Monday October 10, 2022.

Subsequent meeting dates in 2022: November 7, December 5.

Please text, call or e-mail to be added to Zoom list.

The Shamanic Journey

The Shamanic Journey is the process of moving into an altered state of consciousness to directly access spiritual assistance for information, guidance and healing on many levels for ourselves and others, as well as deepen our connection with Spirit.

This experiential workshop teaches basic universal or near universal techniques used by indigenous shamans. To the beat of a drum, you learn how to enter the shamanic journeying state and travel to the lower or upper world to meet and work with your power animal and/or spirit teachers.

The workshop lasts 4 to 6 hours depending on the needs of the seeker. This workshop is required to participate in the monthly shamanic circles if you do not have prior journeying experience. Weekday and weekend dates available. Please bring a drum and rattle if you have them, a light blanket, an eye cover, notebook and pen.

Next Scheduled Class : TBD

Fee: $80 or what you can afford for a private class, $40 for two people or more.

Registration: Classes held on a regular basis weekends and weekdays. Please call or e-mail to register.

Shamanic Practice Basics

This is a 2-day workshop that teaches the basics of shamanic practice and is required for the Level 1- Shamanic Healing Program. In this workshop you will learn:

- journey to the Lower World

- journey to the Upper World

- power animal retrieval for healing others

- working with your power animal for self healing and protection and transmit healing energy to others

- the divination journey

Please bring a drum and rattle if you have them, a light blanket, heavy socks, an eye cover, notebook and pen.

Prerequisite: none

Dates: TBD

Tuition Fee: $40 a session or what you can afford

To register please call or e-mail.

Forming a class that meets on a weekday. Please contact me if you are interested.


First Level Shamanic Healing Program (about 3 years):

In this program you will learn fundamentals of shamanic healing except for depossession and curse unraveling. These latter healing techniques will require advanced shamanic initiations that are covered in the Second Level Shamanic Healing Program. To accommodate different lifestyles, classes will be conducted normally one Saturday a month, and a waiting list is being formed for weekday classes.

Please see description of curriculum below:

- one class for each of the 7 directions - East, South, West, North, Above, Below and Center - to explore the innerscape, archetype and power animal associated with that direction, as well as personal traits, talents and shadows residing in that energy. You will infuse the attributes retrieved for each direction to a stone(s). So you will slowly develop your own personal bundle (mesa) and medicine wheel. We will start with East.

- 3 or 4 classes - receive transmission of the nine Munai Ki rites for yourself and your mesa

- 1 class - infuse 4 Mesa stones with the spirit of serpent, jaguar, hummingbird and condor, respectively, to use for healing

- 1 or 2 classes - body illumination and chakra balancing healing with and without the Mesa stones.

- 4 classes - medicine of the earth and healing with spiritual light

- 2 classes - extraction healing

- 5 classes - soul retrieval

- 2 classes - death and dying and psychopomp (conductor of souls) work

Prerequisite : completion of the shamanic practice basic course or equivalent (e.g., the Foundation of Shamanic Studies basic 2 day workshop)

Tuition Fee: $40 a session or what you can afford

Classes to be usually held on a Saturday

Start Date: Saturday TBD - 10am to 5 pm

If you are interested in attending this program on a weekday, please contact me.


Second Level Shamanic Healing Program (about 1-2 year)

This program introduces advanced initiations and other preparation work to strengthen your core energy and relationship with your helping spirits, required to perform depossession, curse unraveling and work with unfriendly and chaotic energies. Successful completion of the First Level Shamanic Healing Program is required to enroll in this program, or equivalent by permission, and the aspirant must demonstrate the personal courage, spiritual warriorship, and a deep heart centered compassion necessary to do the work. Depossession and curse unraveling work is not for the faint hearted. At the same time, even if you decide that this field of healing is not for you, it is advisable to learn it within the safety provided during class, so that you may recognize the symptoms in those you encounter in your practice, and refer them to shamanic healers specialized in these fields. In this program we will also learn to work safely with middle world spirits for the healing of the earth and the environment.

- compassionate depossession

- curse unraveling

- clearing of land and buildings of negative spirits and past traumas

- ancestral healing

- develop harmonious relationship with weather spirits

- Celtic shamanism topics: working with the Siddhe, Faerie doctoring, the wild hunt, the beheading game, exploring the mysteries of the Grail.

Prerequisite: Completion of Level 1 or the Foundation of Shamanic Studies 2 week program or demonstrate working knowledge of extraction, soul retrieval and psychopomp.

Start Date: TBD


Working with our Ancestors

We will be working with our ancestors to recognize the gifts that we carry in our DNA lineage and to address hereditary issues, to enrich our lives and heal ourselves, our parents, siblings and extended family. By doing so, we will heal the generations coming after us that carry our DNA. We will work on both the patriarchal and matriarchal lines. We will also contact our spiritual ancestor, a teacher who has mastered life lessons we are working with in this lifetime.

This workshop consists of 2 full day classes, each meeting at least 4 weeks apart to allow for processing and integration.

Please bring a drum and rattle if you have them, a light blanket, an eye cover, notebook and pen.

Prerequisite: The shamanic journey workshop and/or possess the skill to journey into non-ordinary reality and work with your power animal.

To register please call or e-mail me.

Currently not scheduled - I believe ancestral work is extremely important and I often cover ancestral topics during the monthly shamanic circles.